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Estado de las pensiones en España

Espacio dedicado al seguimiento y análisis del sistema público de pensiones 

Autor : Instituto BBVA de Pensiones

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    Strengthening Asset-backed Pension Systems in a Post-COVID World

    16 de febrero de 2023

    The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 provoked a global health crisis, soon followed by an economic and financial crisis. Retirement savings and old-age pension systems were one of the many components of our societies impacted by these events, which are unprecedented in recent history. The economic effects of the crisis have been accumulating for the past years as governments introduced successive health measures to try and curb the spread of the virus. The slowdown of economic activity across the globe resulted in soaring unemployment and falling stock prices in the first quarter of 2020 as financial markets reacted.


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    13 de febrero de 2023

    Pension Markets in Focus provides detailed and comparable statistics on retirement savings around the world. This annual statistical report contributes to the effort of making data on retirement savings available, as the OECD Core Principles of Private Pension Regulation advocates for, to enable regulators and stakeholders to evaluate the design and operation of pension systems relative to their goals. These statistics can support policy discussions through international comparisons and peer learning, and are the basis of policy recommendations in the OECD series of Pension Reviews. These statistics can also be helpful to private sector representatives, journalists, academics and anyone interested in funded pension systems.


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    Diversity, equity and inclusion in asset-backed pensions

    01 de febrero de 2023

    This paper explores potential influences on the ability and willingness to save for retirement, in order to uncover how asset-backed pension systems could be more inclusive of diverse populations. This paper illustrates the type of analysis that countries could conduct to better understand what factors may explain lower participation from certain individuals beyond labour market drivers, by looking at the views, attitudes, and expectations of individuals across socio-economic characteristics on a sample of adults from the UK.


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